The Beautiful Island of Cozumel

World-Class Scuba Diving

Scuba Tony We recommend ScubaTony for all of your diving needs. ScubaTony offers dive services that are private and friendly. They offer a wide variety of diving including: discovery dives, certification dives, cave dives, 2 tank boat dives and much more. Tony offers very personal service - from making rental car arrangements, to pointing you to the best spots on the reef with our experienced dive masters.


Cozumel Beaches

Cozumel BeachesCozumel is not only home to amazing diving, but also has incredible beaches. Whether your beach-desire is to find a secluded stretch of sand to wiggle your toes in, or a developed beach to rent water toys and order up a margarita, you will find it all on Cozumel. The east side is mostly uninhabited and the beaches are broad and secluded. There are wonderful natural scenes here including blow holes and wildlife. There is some surfing here as well.

The west side beaches are much busier. There is little to no surf there and most of the beaches are well developed beach clubs. Some are free and some charge to get in. With so many beautiful beaches to choose from, how do you pick? We suggest taking a look at the Cozumel Beach Guide and Map. There are great descriptions of the beaches, along with a map so you can find each one. If you want a more in depth guide to the beaches and the island visit Can-Do maps. They have one of the most detailed travel guides you will find about Cozumel.


Restaurant Recommendations

Dining in CozumelThese recommendations are as of December 2008. We base our personal dining recommendations on the quality of fresh ingredients, presentation, service and ambiance.

The Bistro is an enchantingly, quaint dining experience open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chef/owner is meticulously involved with the menu and preparation. The service and quality are unsurpassed, with reasonable prices for the fine quality of food - comparable to a New York bistro. It is located just one block from the waterfront on the corner of Avenida 5 with Calle 7 Sur, near Carlos'n Charlie's.

Guido's Pizza - wonderful Italian prepared dining. Oven fired pizzas are their specialty. It is located on Ave Rafael Melgar (the main drag on the waterfront) on the north end of town between Calle 6 and Calle 8.

Eat Meat! reads the sign out front of Al Pie del Carbon, the Mexican steakhouse that has most of its tables along the colorful sidewalks of downtown. The Arrachara is a favorite, as well as great fish. Located on Calle 6 at the corner of Avenida 5, just one block from the Cozumel Museum.

Sorrisi Fine Italian Dinning is located on Calle 3, just up from the waterfront. They offer only the best and freshest ingredients on the island, with top notch presentation and quality. Prices range from $12-$25 per plate, and the food is complimented with great service and a fantastic wine list. The owner Francesco is always there and takes a personal interest in every part of his restaurant, and many of his ingredients are imported especially for him. This is truly some of the finest dinning in Cozumel.

Kinta Mexican Bistro - located at #148B 5th Avenida, between 2 & 4 Norte. Creative traditional Mexican dishes done in a contemporary fashion. See some of Chef and owner Kris Wallenta's beautiful work here.

This is just a sample of the dining to be experienced in Cozumel.



Cozumel has a selection of fine shopping. Whether you're searching for diamonds or that unique handcrafted gift, you'll find it in Cozumel. We recommend to our visiting friends and family "Los Cinco Soles", located on the waterfront between Calle 8 and 10. Here you will find the largest variety crafts, jewelry, clothes, and accessories all under one roof at very reasonable prices.

For the best prices, and in many cases better quality, you'll find lots of very nice stores just one or 2 blocks from the waterfront. Most of the stores on the water pay very high rent, creating very high overhead. Many focus on the cruise ship passengers and pay high advertising fees to the cruise ships to stay in business. If you get off the waterfront, you will find the prices drop dramatically on most of the same items. You can also be sure that your money is going into the community if you buy from a Cozumeleno local. Cozumel is one of the safest places you can be. There is very little crime on the island so feel secure to walk anywhere day or night.

Downtown Cozumel has everything for your shopping needs - from high-end waterfront shops with jewelry and clothing, to small side-street vendors with local handicrafts and interesting curios.



Cozumel island has a top quality 18-hole Jack Nicolas designed golf course. The Cozumel Country Club is one of the nicest courses you would play anywhere. (Tip: if the ball lands near a crocodile take the drop and move to the next hole)



Cozumel is one of the finest locations in the world to kiteboard. With flyable winds nine out of ten days, and warm water year round, you will not find a better destination to kiteboard. Best winds are November to May, with water temps around 80 degrees and winds from 12-20 knots. Visit for more info.



If you want to really discover a hidden piece of culture here you might try a Temezcal. It is a Mayan sweat lodge and the tour includes history and folklore as well as a wonderful experience in the Temezcal. Most people find this to one of the most relaxing things they can do here.



No truly relaxing vacation would be complete without a massage in paradise. We recommend Sally at Barefoot in Cozumel to all our guests. She is professionally trained and has been doing massage on the island for over ten years.

There is also Punta Sur National Park, the Cozumel Museum, Carlos'n Charlie's, and many other fun things to do while enjoying your vacation.



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